DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone – Review

The Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone is another change that has been added to the DJI’s Phantom arrangement. With a completely balanced out 3-pivot 4K UHD camcorder, this drone is definitely a gem with regards to taking high-determination recordings and quality photographs.

BUY DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

Bundle Content

The 4K UHD camcorder drone can be bought at a profoundly aggressive cost of $1,127.00 (Quadcopter as it were). With an extra battery, you can likewise get it at the cost of $1,259.00. A couple of different extras that make it advantageous incorporate 4k UHD camcorder with completely balanced out 3-pivot gimbal. The consideration of Lightbridge advanced spilling makes review of 720p video conceivable. Flight battery and rechargeable remote controller make the machine completely set to fly. The drone has likewise been fitted with DJI Pilot application for iOS and Android for conceivable live review and aggregate camera administration. This item is confined to flying inside 15 miles sweep of the White House.

The crate substance are:

1 Aircraft body

4 Propeller Pairs

1 Remote Controller

1 Intelligent Flight Battery

1 Battery Charger

4 Vibration Absorbers

4 Landing Pads

1 Propeller Wrench

1 Power link

1 Micro-USB Cable

One 16GB Micro-SD Card

2 Anti-drop Kit

1 Gimbal Clamp

5 stickers (Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Pink)

1 Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced Safety Guidelines, and Disclaimer (Manual)

1 Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced Intelligent Flight Battery Safety Guidelines (Manual)

1 Phantom 3 Professional Quick Start Guide (Manual)

Itemized Description

The Phantom 3 Professional keeps on keeping up the advancement and imaginative characteristics that the DJI’s Phantom arrangement is known for. The completely balanced out 3-pivot 4K UHD camcorder gives a bleeding edge to firm, smooth recordings, for still photographs. The consideration of another age of Lightbridge innovation is to make it very simple for 720p HD advanced spilling of live video straight from the drone. Controlling of the camera and seeing a video continuously is conceivable as one flies this best quality drone.

The DJI Pilot application’s propelled highlights empower you to share recordings as they are created. The Phantom Professional likewise accompanies optical and ultrasonic sensors otherwise called Vision Positioning, to enable you to fly this drone inside notwithstanding when GPS signally is truant. It additionally has all highlights expected in any DJI drone. These incorporate high-control flight battery, a capable versatile application for Android gadgets or iOS, GPS route including auto departures and auto arrivals, and an inherent security database which contains a rundown of no-fly zones.


DJI has set up some confinement measures to keep your gadget from having the capacity to work inside a 15 miles sweep of the White House. Likewise incorporated into this no-fly zone are Arlington, Silver Spring, Prince Georges County, Montgomery County and Falls Church. Your motor is naturally closed off once in this zone, despite the fact that DJI does not caution you of this issue before making your buy. Be that as it may, once you are out of the 15 miles range, your drone should work impeccably fine.

How to Start Off?

Working the 4K UHD camcorder drone is very straightforward. You just need to space in the Lipo battery into the compartment under the V-Cam, and afterward include the AA batteries in the transmitters and you are ready. The minute you switch on the framework, red light flashes on to tell you that the drone is prepared to go.


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