BUY DJI Spreading Wings S900 Professional Hexacopter with DJI A2 Flight Controller and Any Z15 Gimbal


This variant packages the S900 air outline with the A2 flight controller and your decision of Z15 Gimbals.

Lightweight materials, for example, a strong carbon fiber outline make flights more pleasant by enduring longer

Better than ever engines makes for a significantly more dependable flight. Start verification fitting will anticipate shortcircuits when you connect to.

Enhanced power circulation framework guarantees no links will come free amid flight. Better film by a diminishment in vibrations caused by deliberately utilizing dampers to isolate the centralized server with the gimbal section.

Removable upper centerboard permits simple access and quicker establishment of flight controller

control conveyance framework and principle controller.

Retractable landing gear makes each awesome shot conceivable. New arm configuration renders the flying machine more steady while rolling and pitching.